Periodická tabulka HALO prvků

Středa, Prosinec 16th, 2009, autor: AkajiCZ

Halo Periodic Table

Periodická tabulka HALO prvků, hehe..skvělý jak to všechno přesně sedí

a ve vyšším rozlišení







Halo Periodic Table

The Halo Periodic Table is a tabular display of 112 elements, all of which find their origins from the science fiction-based Halo universe. While I determined the content, the true magic was done by graphic designer and fellow Halo fanatic Halcylon. Previously only available as one extremely large image, I am proud to present the complete collection of individual tiles he painstakingly created for use in this massive project. Full sizes for both your viewing and downloading pleasure are available by clicking the appropriate text under each image. Enjoy!

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